WHY New Life Clarity Publishing?

WHY New Life Clarity Publishing?


Aren’t you tired of navigating the publishing choices?  Not only that, With the different types of publishing, how often do you get to KEEP your content, CONTROL your content, and PROFIT 100%?    Who gives you the space to rid yourself of all the stress of editing, formatting, cover design & distribution?  Do you really want to go through it all alone?  

New Life Clarity Publishing is a publishing company with a purpose. 

We don’t just publish your book, we hold your hand and walk through the process 100%, and support you in fulfilling your destiny.   Your dream is our dream.  Your story is important and your message is significant. We want to have your voice heard.  We want to see you succeed as an author and have the right tools to support your business. Your success is our priority because we want to be the BEST in what we do.  You will love your book we just know it! 

New Life Clarity Publishing is a division of NLCP.   

New Life Clarity Project is the mother ship that allows us to serve  communities with PTSD Therapy, Vision boarding, Life Vision Training, Conferences, Workshops, and Retreats.  We want to help you grow your business in every shape and form.    Our vision also includes making a difference globally to support humanitarian efforts.   We want to include our authors in all of our projects. Talk with a team member today and learn how your message and your book, can become a part of a network of high conscious individuals who will change the world. 



Team Members & Staff


Pattie Godfrey~Sadler ~~ Founder/CEO

  Founder and CEO of New Life Clarity Project, Pattie Sadler is a published author, speaker, and influencer, who has a passion for creating global change. Pattie has a talent for motivating and inspiring others to find the big WHY in their own lives to embark on the adventure called life.  First responder and gifted trainer, she assists business owners, sales teams, entrepreneurs, and authors to find unexpected and amazing results. Talk Show Host, Director of Public Relations in The SOaR Foundation, and President/CEO of NLCP, she truly lives life with passion and has shown that it is possible to create life-changing results. She offers consulting on a comprehensive level assisting others to manifest their life vision to become a reality.  An expert in life changing and transition, she can assist you to declare just where you are going and create it!   


Eric J. Zuley ~~ Business Manager

The list of achievements for Eric is extremely exciting as we look forward to working with him. He is an exceptional expert solution for our clients.  He is top 10 in Social Media Influencers, Television Network Producer, Peace Ambassador to United Nations Peace Association, Brand Specialist, and Top Tech innovator for business, just to name a few,.  We look forward to watching our business grow and our clients achieve celebrity status due to his influence.   


Season Atwater ~~ Director of Graphic Art

  Season is currently a Utah based Photographer & Graphic Artist who has been practicing photography professionally for the last 15 years after receiving an Art and Visual Communications degree with Photography Specialization from Utah Valley University. Using skills she has acquired through photography, Season has been able to collaborate with many Authors on creating the covers for their new books. This is truly something Season really enjoys doing and loves it when everything comes together and the writer can finally launch. As a passionate parent advocate for her daughter with a rare genetic disorder, Season also launched the non-profit organization Aware of Angels in March of 2014. The purpose of the Aware of Angels Photography Project is to capture the beauty & personality of each Angel including their diagnosis, to raise awareness on a global level.    


Matt Juarez ~~ Commissioning Editor

Matt Juarez is a Poet, and Entrepreneur who has  developed an amazing talent for performing as a comedian, poet, author, and actor.  

Currently a student at Fresno State University, Matt enjoys  performing and entertaining on a regular basis.  We are thrilled to have him on the team. 


Alyssa Naylor ~~ Director of Illustration & Artist

 Alyssa Naylor is an illustrator who has helped design and create the artwork for several children activity books that have been featured in Deseret Book. She has also been the art designer for projects in her community, school, and at home. These projects have expanded from portraits, paintings, drawings, logos, ink print, posters, book design, and all in between. Alyssa has been featured in many art shows including presenting her work multiple times at the Davis County Art Show. She has been awarded Best of Show and other honorary achievements such as the Outstanding Art Student of the Year Award. Artwork by Alyssa can range from cartoon to realism as these are done in many mediums that include: pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastels, ink and more. She is an art teacher, musician, runner, outdoor lover, enjoys spending time with her family, and hopes to find opportunities where she can serve others.  

Amy Thomson is multi faceted and talented.  She has a degree in graphics and design, and is an entre

Amy Thomson~Director of Event Planning

 Amy Thomson is multi faceted and talented.  She has a degree in graphics and design, and is an entrepreneur.  She is not only an amazing member of our team, but is currently filming for her new series, "Where to Next?" as she travels across the American Continent with her children on Community studies.   


Dr. Danté Sears /World Prosperity Network


Dr. Danté Sears "The Global SOULutionist", is a nine-times certified metaphysical doctor and doctor of divinity. She is the founder of World Prosperity Network, Prosperity Coin, and Prosperibly, the Profit-Share Directory. With divine intervention, she helps people heal from terminal, genetic, and incurable disease with their mind, a process she coined "Dante's Intervention". 

Danté is a humanipreneur; an entrepreneur that designs SOULutions to improve life for all humanity. Her show, Kiss and Tell with Dante Sears, focuses on relationships, which extends far beyond romantic relationships, which includes your relationship with yourself, the environment, work, and health - because "everything is a relationship". 

A former actress, model, singer, Dante became a millionaire at age 25 selling real estate. Her father was an athlete that died of cancer, which caused her to realize that health and relationships are most important, so she invested her fortune into an education to learn how to heal the world.


Author L.R. Johnson

 She is the founder and President of The Inspired Writers League – an active community writers group. When L. R. Johnson was a child she would live in a world of her imagination. Her teachers would have to put her in the front row of the class or she would drift off into a story she was creating. Though she studied Psychology in college she never lost her imagination, constantly creating stories in her mind. Bringing to life her characters and writing great love stories filled with adventure, dynamic characters, and brilliant surroundings is something that L.R. Johnson has a natural gift for. She is an Amazon best selling author. She lives in California with her husband and two wonderful children.         *Books: NEVER FOREVER, COLLIDE and coming soon AN INNOCENT Kiss