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Kingdom Identity: Heal Your Soul & Step Into Your Destiny

Gabriela Warren From My Heart to Yours

KJ Bradley The pauper Principle

Chuck Post The Laundry

Freedom Cry

Skylar Fresh a Life of Red

Mercadita Noland Diamonds of Wisdom: Sparkling lessons worth knowing

Jan Shure-Hurwitz: The Mystery that Wasn’t

Judy Lee: I Cry: Guidance, Meditation, Healing for Mastectomy

Jeffrey Levine: Consistent Profitable Growth Map 2nd Edition

Kelly Kaye Walker: The Drive Thru Method of manifesting: The 6 step formula to get anything you want

All Women Rock Carl Wilson

B.D. Powell William McFadden & the Puzzle Organ

Jennifer Hunter Taro the Zen Cat Seasons of Change

Hanna L. Horenstein The Virtuity Edge: A Compilation of Success

Ulrich Floresca: Zer0 Debris: A Way of Life

Eric Zuley: The Influence Effect

Amare Janke: My Simple Guide to Healthy Eating

Jeremiah Knight: Diaries of a Holy Knight the Between

Pauline Crawford-Omps Magical Conversations

Renee Reisch Finding Your Voice

Pattie Godfrey Sadler My Daily Path: 365 Days of My Own Inspiration

Pattie Godfrey Sadler the Path Less Traveled: Little Choices Have Big Consequences

November to Now

Fortified Special Edition: 10 Effective Strategies to Fortify Our Families

Ron Britton Memoirs of a Vet’s Mind Wars