Book Launch & Market Planning

Our goal is to amplify the volume of people in the universe seeing, hearing

ISBN, Title Set up, Formatting, Copyright

There are all kinds of steps that must be taken to correctly publish your book.

Content Creation

Are you wanting to write your own manuscript and need assistance with content creation? Do you wish to have a

Editing Services

Let’s face it, editing isn’t fun and fresh eyes are needed on the document to make sure that you get all the

Writer’s Retreats

Everyone loves a juicy retreat filled with golden nuggets of knowledge and life changing experiences. We all love

Author Mentor Ship

Demystifying authorship is in itself a creative practice. Don’t know where to start? Whether you are a new author

Signing Tours & Speaking Opportunities

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires all . . .

Business Strategy Consulting

Does your book accompany a business idea? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Maintaining the integrity of your …

Graphic Art & Illustrations

The Cover is the most important and most exciting part of the process. Your cover deserves to be unique and …

Marketing & Website Development

Crystal Blue Solutions offers you a customized highly dynamic and responsive website that will