About Us

WHY New Life Clarity Publishing?

Aren’t you tired of navigating the publishing choices? Not only that, With the different types of publishing, how often do you get to KEEP your content, CONTROL your content, and PROFIT 100%? Who gives you the space to rid yourself of all the stress of editing, formatting, cover design & distribution? Do you really want to go through it all alone?

New Life Clarity Publishing is a publishing company with a purpose.

We don’t just publish your book, we hold your hand and walk through the process 100%, and support you in fulfilling your destiny. Your dream is our dream. Your story is important and your message is significant. We want to have your voice heard. We want to see you succeed as an author and have the right tools to support your business. Your success is our priority because we want to be the BEST in what we do. You will love your book we just know it!

New Life Clarity Publishing is a division of NLCP.

New Life Clarity Project is the mother ship that allows us to serve communities with PTSD Therapy, Vision boarding, Life Vision Training, Conferences, Workshops, and Retreats. We want to help you grow your business in every shape and form. Our vision also includes making a difference globally to support humanitarian efforts. We want to include our authors in all of our projects. Talk with a team member today and learn how your message and your book, can become a part of a network of high conscious individuals who will change the world.